Natural Runner Vintage 50x190 Cm

Natural Runner Vintage 50x190 Cm (NYK041)

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cotton Linen runner Bohem

50x190 Cm

It is a washed natural fabric produced from 100% cotton yarn. It is woven in traditional old looms with the highest quality and most natural form of cotton. Paint is not used in our product. After a few washes, its beige color turns into a bone (cream) color. Side ends are pleated. The specified size is a single piece measure. Width: 50 Cm Length: 190 Cm 1 piece of runner are sent. Since our products are 100% cotton, they shrink between 5% and 8% in the first wash at 30 degrees.

Wash by hand or in washing mashine by using water at 30 degrees celsius. Do not use bleach. Dry cleaning maybe be apllied. Warm ironing.

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