Peshtemal Poncho Marine - Red-White

Peshtemal Poncho Marine - Red-White (PNC054)

Brand : Bedinn
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Cotton Peshtemal Poncho Beach Wear

4-7 Age

Hooded Peshtemal Poncho

Arm Length: 70 Cm

Breast: 60 Cm

Height: 22 Cm

“Peshtemal” which has been used in Turkish baths for centuries, is a legacy to the world culture.
Peshtemal is knitted on hand looms using 100% Turkish Cotton yarn. 
With its fine texture, smartness and elegance, Peshtemal replaces the towel and is used not only in the baths, but also in any place where people meet with water.
It is very soft and light.
It absorbs water as quickly as a towel and dries up very quickly.
It takes little space when travelling and is easy to carry.
Today, it is used in baths, spas, gyms, bathrooms, beaches, pools, and boats for similar purposes.
If you want, you can also use your peshtemal for decorative purposes such as tablecloths, armchair shawls.
Please wash before use as this softens the fabric.

Wash by hand or in washing mashine by using water at 30 degrees celsius. Do not use bleach. Dry cleaning maybe be apllied. Warm ironing.

4-7 Yaş
%100 Cotton
Weaving Type
Dobby Woven (Plain)
Weaving Machine
automatic weaving Loom
Pattern Type
Weight (gr)
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